Friday, February 13, 2009

responses to comments

Dan O'Connor:
one time we had a demonstration protesting increase in tuition, low pay for asst professors
450 faculty, 300 grad students
at the end we heard: you didn't even have 20% show up!
we have about 25 people here, maybe 27
there was a conversation in the faculty meeting before voting: why don't we add the word media?
been here since 1974
assumed that half of the votes were people who wanted to add the word media

2 journalism/media studies faculty here: Prof. Marchi and Prof. Kern


  1. More people would probably have shown up if there had been more notice. I received an email about the meeting late Friday.

    For a graduate school that isn't interested in dropping the word "Communication" from the title, I'd say that Communication has been missing in a big way......

  2. Jill Ratzan2/14/09, 5:54 PM

    I apologize for the late notice about the meeting. This entire issue came to our notice only a few days ago, and the meeting was consequently called at the last minute.

  3. Jill Ratzan2/14/09, 5:56 PM

    to elaborate on the comment above: I agree that better communication about the faculty vote, especially before the vote was taken, was definitely called for.