Friday, February 13, 2009

meeting 5 cont.

MLIS student:
other issues made this a bigger issue
by dropping library, it's a change - like library has become a part of information science
what librarians do hasn't changed, not a part of IS
L and IS should be connected, but there does seem to be a rift
the public are still confused about what librarians do
core mission of librarians hasn't changed
are we going to change the core mission of the school?
manner that this change came about sort of threw people
if we are changing, we want to be aware - how will future changes be handled?
we want to be sure school mission isn't changing

language matters
taking L out sends question marks out there - does it mean L is diminished?
what if it expands our sphere of influence?
when we say C+I we're saying that we are connected
comm is a huge part of what librarians are doing, are good at

MLIS student:
would have made more sense, made people less mad if I+C name, instead of just dropping L from the end - would have been rebranding, not a drop

SIC? bad acronym
all change is (missed - something like difficult)
producing the leaders of the profession - can't do it unless we change

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