Friday, February 13, 2009

meeting 6:25

I'm a real library guy and real proud of that
but in favor of the name change
the dean says he wants us to be the #1 program in the country
can we also get comfortable chairs, enough plugs for computers - that's on deans' agenda
1/3 mill thing* - we support strong public libraries
*Jill's note: I tried to find a link to explain this, but all are pdf files, will try to add one later

important to think about messages sent

MLIS student:
is name set or open to discussion

we've submitted a proposal for SCI to Board of Governors
other acronyms have been talked about but this is the one that's been submitted

MLIS student:
some opinions say that change is okay, but not that particular name
people in the towns are battling for 1/3 mill, they won't ask questions - if they see RU is chopping library studies, they'll see that even RU doesn't value libraries

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