Friday, February 13, 2009

longer conclusion and thanks

Sorry for the delay in this post. My hands were tired!

Please join me in thanking:
- Fran Daley, for organizing and running tonight's meeting
- Dean Schement and the SCILS faculty members who attended
- SCILS students, staff, and alumni, NJ library community members, and members of the press who attended the meeting, either in-person or virtually

I hope that, despite technical problems in the middle of the meaning, this blog provides a useful record. Fran was also taking pen-and-paper notes, and the meeting was recorded as a digital audio file. Information about the online availability of the digital audio will hopefully be forthcoming.

More information about the "1/3 mill" issue mentioned at the meeting is available by visiting the NJLA Legislative Updates page and clicking on Model Resolution Opposing League of Municipalities (pdf file).

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